Blurb Clinic Day 2 ~ The Importance of a Tagline

Remember that the blurb is your ultimate advertisement. You’ve written a remarkable book. You’ve given it a great face in the cover. Now you need to hook them and reel them in for the purchase. Creating a memorable tagline could be the key to getting them in. And it’s perfect for using with other advertising, too.


Here are a few memorable movie taglines:
EDWARD SCISSORHANDS: His story will touch you even though he can’t

ALIEN VS. PREDATOR: Whoever wins, we lose.

DUDE WHERE’S MY CAR: After a night they can’t remember comes a day they’ll never forget.

I AM LEGEND: The last man on Earth is not alone.

So how do we create a great tagline?

To create the blurb, we had to cut our story down to the bone. For the tagline, we need to cut it down to the heart. What is the heart of your story? When you take away all the fluff what is the key to the protagonist’s struggle?

If you get everything down to this one unchangeable fact, you’ll have your tagline. Once you have it, use it everywhere – make a t-shirt! Get it out and pair it with your cover so that people will connect the two!


Do you have a memorable tagline already? Share what you’ve created with a link to your book! Shameless self promotion allowed! Or if you know of a book with a great tagline, share it!

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