Blurb Clinic Day 3 ~ Multiple Genres and Multiple Characters? Help!

multi genre

The first novel I penned was written in five POVs. My second novel crossed so many genres, it’s difficult to pin down exactly what to call it. What do we do when we have too many voices, too many characters, too many genres and plots to nail down into a teeny tiny blurb?

Go for emotion.

Concentrate on the character who changes in your story and talk about his change. It’s his struggle, his goals, and his feelings that the reader is going to be most interested in –and that is what will draw them into your book!

So make notes and think about what change a character goes through in the story and then concentrate on them for your blurb. Even when you have five characters who speak through your story, you need to pick the one whose change makes/breaks the novel.

Good Luck!


Have you written a book that crosses genres or has multiple main characters? Feel free to shamelessly self promote it as well – share a link so we can read your blurb!

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