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Save the girl…or his soul?

Crusader is numb. He feels neither emotion nor pain, a divine gift that allows him to be the Ministrix’s best assassin.

Whether it’s heretics from within or heathens from without, Crusader is the sword in the True Church’s hand. And if he remains obedient to his superiors, he will be able to let go of his guilt.

But then he’s ordered to kill Isolda Westin. It shouldn’t be a problem. A target is a target. When Crusader sees Isolda’s image, though, something strange happens. He experiences a moment of panic, a wave of emotions–the first he’s felt in as long as he can remember.

In that moment, he realizes he can’t fulfill his mission. He can’t kill Isolda Westin, even if it means he’ll be condemned as an enemy of the Ministrix.

Soon Crusader and Isolda are on the run. Will they be able to learn why the Ministrix wants Isolda dead? Or will they both soon face the harsh justice of the “True Church”?


Crusader is a man on a mission. The perfect soldier for the Army of the “True Church” – he can kill without emotion. And the church keeps him on a tight leash – follow orders or you lose your soul. So when his mission is to kill the one woman who sparks emotion in his cold, emotionally-dead heart, he has a choice to make. “Save the girl, or save his soul.”

This is a pretty good page turner. But I’m a fan of this obscure little movie that few have seen and even fewer like, called HITMAN. And I couldn’t help but make the leading man in that movie into the leading man of Numb. And then when the author stuck a wrench into the quirky female lead’s hand and had her work on a space ship’s engine, I couldn’t help but picture Kaylee from FIREFLY. So the rest of the characters’ descriptions made little difference to me.

The story itself is a sad portrayal of a dystopian society where the Christian church has become ruler of the universe battling against the Muslims for control. And if you find yourself between the two philosophies? It’s frying pan or fire, your choice. It’s an easy read overall and enjoyable. I would recommend it for fans of Sci-Fi.


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