CSFF Blog Tour: Review – Merlin’s Blade by Robert Treskillard

Merlin’s Blade is an epic tale of good and evil, of love, not only for a young man and woman, but also for friends and family. It shows the strength and importance of a man’s words, the promises he makes, and the courage he must have in order to protect that which he loves. These principles are lacking in much of today’s culture, and need the sort of reinforcement this book provides for the building up of young men for our future.

The writing itself is masterful, the author is adept at metaphor in such a manner as to avoid cliche and even surprise the reader with the truth of his comparison. The story is well paced, neither too fast nor too slow. Its religious elements are intricately woven into the plot in a manner which would make Tolkien or Lewis proud. Fantasy and Christian fiction lovers alike would enjoy this book.

My 12-year-old son adored the story just as much as I did, and found qualities in each character which were easy to relate to. As a mother of a young man and avid reader, this is exactly what I strive for. A book which teaches my son to be stronger, builds up his character, and makes a lasting impression.

Although I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review, I also bought a copy since my son stole mine.

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About The Author:

Robert Treskillard is a Celtic enthusiast who holds a B.A. in Biblical & Theological Studies from Bethel University, Minnesota. He has been crafting stories from his early youth, is a software developer, graphic artist, and sometime bladesmith. He and his wife have three children and are still homeschooling their youngest. They live in the country outside St. Louis, Missouri.

It all began when Robert’s son wanted to learn blacksmithing and sword-making. The two set out to learn the crafts and in the process were told by a relative that they were descended from a Cornish blacksmith. This lit the fire of Robert’s imagination, and so welding his Celtic research to his love of the legends of King Arthur, a book was forged—Merlin’s Blade, book one of The Merlin Spiral.

To join the battle, visit the author’s website dedicated to the series: KingArthur.org.uk.

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