Halloween Blog Hop

Halloween blog hop

Halloween is always about the kids, right? So we always give out candy on our doorstep, and none of that healthy, half hearted stuff. I always choose chocolate and Tootsie-roll pops, because if I have left overs, which I always do, I want my favorites there.

So one year, we had very few children come to our doorstep.

A few days before Halloween, we had a tree cut down in our yard. And in order to save money, my husband decided he would dispose of it himself. Of course you know what that meant, right? Yeah, it was days before he got around to it. So the perilous path to our doorstep was covered with logs and chopped wood, which of course also smelled a bit moldy because we’d had rain the day before Halloween.

Few children braved that wreckage to make it get our awesome candy.

So how about you? What kind of candy do you give out for Halloween?

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