Just Keep Writing 1 – Stop Procrastinating


In Salt, the mermaid novel I’ve been writing for more than a year, the wise grandmother gives a proverb:

“Procrastination isn’t weed killer, it’s fertilizer.”

Putting off what I need to do today isn’t going to stop the need to complete the task. It isn’t going to make the task smaller. And it isn’t going to complete the task for me. It only makes me need the task completed even more. Sometimes the task becomes an even bigger problem because more time has passed.

For me, it’s time to make a commitment and stop procrastinating. If I keep waiting until later to get started, it suddenly becomes almost two years since I’d written new fiction. Oops.

page a day

Even though my goals are lofty and I have so much work to do, I can start small and just do a little each day. Each step adds up until a mile is suddenly gone, then two, then three… Same with writing. Each page I write will eventually add up to something worthwhile.

So I’m working on Salt today, and hoping to wrap this up and calling it done.

I just need to keep plugging ahead and typing away at my keyboard. No more PROCRASTINATING!


What do you need to get done today that you keep putting off?