Love at 16 Blog Hop!

The theme of this hop is to write a note to your 16-year-old self…so here goes…

You are perfect just the way you are. Don’t change. Keep working hard and never give up. There is a person you’ll meet one day who loves you for who you are, and no matter what anyone else tells you, he’s real. Don’t believe the lies. True love is just around the corner! Keep your faith and cling to what you know is true.

As an adult now, I can see things so much more clearly than I ever could when my vision was clouded by hormones and the lies of possibly well-intentioned adults in my life. And it’s funny, because in my latest book, 16-year-old Chira Kelly has to deal with a lot of lies in her life, too. It’s hard to allow someone to love you when you think you’re not worth it. But WE ARE ALL WORTH LOVE!
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