Thanks for Love Hop

What is the most thoughtful thing a loved one has done for you?


My husband and I have just celebrated our twentieth anniversary last September. Our marriage is beating the statistical average. People often ask us how we do it. And what it has always come down to is that we were both “Friend Zoned” first. What I mean is that we both considered one another as FRIENDS only at first before our romance blossomed. I think that it’s a lie of this world that people can’t be lovers if first they were friends. But what is the most thoughtful thing he’s done for me?

That’s just it. Part of our relationship is doing thoughtful things for one another each and every day. It’s a way of showing that you love one another by doing something that says it without the words. So each day, I do something small for him. Whether it’s packing his lunch or scratching an itch on his back. It’s always the little things that count. And I have to be careful what I say I like, because chances are he will remember and surprise me with it later.

So what do you do to tell others you love them?
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