Things That Go Bump Blog Hop!

Growing up, I always had an affinity for horror. I avidly read every Stephen King novel I could find, and watched every horror movie I could get my hands on. To this day, I still have nightmares about Freddie Krueger. *Shudder* In college, that obsession morphed into reading Anne Rice’s paranormal books along side John Sanford’s serial killer thrillers. So I suppose I’ve always been a bit of a horror nut.

My short stories were always in a similar, dark vein. And when I read Stephen King’s ON WRITING, I finally felt the gumption to give writing a novel a try. My first book is a demon riddled space ship thrill ride, and has yet to be published. But my second book, Sanctuary was released last month. It takes a hard look at how a zombie apocalypse/alien invasion might be biblical.

And that’s what I’m giving away for this blog hop!


A $10 Amazon Gift Card & an ebook copy of Sanctuary!
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